Who are we?

Al Manhal International Schools is taking a heavy burden to provide the best levels of education to your children to enable to them to enroll into the best universities to become the leaders of the future , effective and pioneering in their society .
Our schools have the administrative, educational, staff that are trust worthy and use the modern methods of technology and education.
Our school is special for its supervisions departments , and the supportive program , which takes care of developing the educational staff to support the teacher , professionally , academically , which is in total harmony with the vision of the school , and following up with the academic performance of the students taking in consideration that the school is fully equipped regarding : laboratories, computer labs, library, playgrounds and a gymnasium in addition to creative and innovative activities .

Our vision:

Seeking to develop an educated intellectual generation, a generation that is aware of the value of its heritage, and has the moral and behavioral values.

Our message:

to provide the effective education and using a variety of methods in teaching which are in compatibility of this age , and to create a generation that carries the torch of knowledge that quenches its thirst by the springs of knowledge to pioneer to their dreams .

We are best known for:

1- MIS is located in Al-Jubeeha area, the district of Al-Jame’a; it occupies 10 acres of land.
2- The building was designed to achieve the high standards of education and it includes the following departments:
1- Nursery: the children can get enrolled once they are 70 days old.
2- Kindergarten (montecory pedagogy)
3- Primary classes department: Mixed from class 1- class 4
3- Girls secondary department: from class 5 – class 12, including scientific and literary stream.
4- Boys secondary department from class 5- class 12 with both streams.
5- IG department
6- Supportive education

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